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Trend Report: Aflutter Over Butterflies

Trend Report

Who could have predicted that bug season could be such a welcoming sight? Summer's modern design trend has an entomological edge to it, thanks to the ever-entrancing appeal of the butterfly. Whether highly illustrative or smartly stylized, the butterfly motif has emerged as a recurring element on everything from designer gowns to decorative home accents, equally striking as single image or repeat pattern, rendered in bright hues or in stark black-and-white. On this page, we turn our attention to the season's butterfly trend in modern furniture and fashion, art and technology, focusing on the modern design objects that have us duly enchanted—and happily aflutter.

Sophia Webster Chiara Butterfly Sandals


Sophia Webster Chiara Butterfly Sandals

Taking flight in shoes by British accessories designer, Sophia Webster is a given, thanks to a distinctive motif that defines her most visually compelling footwear: butterflies, expertly fashioned from leather, adding a magical flourish to high heels and flats alike.

Margot Robbie Versace Butterfly Print Dress

—Hello Fashion

Margot Robbie Versace Butterfly Print Dress

Australian actress Margot Robbie left onlookers bug-eyed when she stepped out at a New York City film premiere, fetchingly dressed in a beguiling scoop-neck gown from Versace's Spring 2018 collection, laden with butterflies, top to toe.  

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Thomaspaul Butterfly Shower Curtain

Thomaspaul introduces a giant butterfly to existing wildlife motif offerings, giving design lovers a reason to wing it with a cotton shower curtain, laden with flowers and an outsized lavender butterfly.

Ferm Living Salon Butterfly Cushion

The Ferm Living Salon Butterfly Cusion makes a decadent accent to the modern interior, employing fabrics, embroidery, and other ornamental touches to down-filled decoratiave pillows.

Graham & Brown Butterfly Wallpaper

Little girls will go wild for Graham & Brown's Butterfly wallpaper, which places a collection of lacey butterflies against a pale pink background, ready to make a youthfully rosy bedroom statement.

Fatboy Outdoor Parasols

Luscious flowers, feathery birds, and magical butterflies run amok on these lovely outdoor umbrellas from Fatboy, generously sized and made to thrive under the sun, without wilting or fading.

K Studio Colored Butterflies

A swarm of colorful butterflies, skillfully stitched on recycled Bristol paper, makes a delicate, joyful statement from K Studio, contemporary art that's pitch-perfect for decorating a child's room. .

Fatboy Grasshopper Cushions

These little-winged bugs need some love too. This set of grasshopper cushions from Fatboy are made of high-quality water-repellent fabric, perfect for any space.

Dawn Michelle Wolfe Butterfly Art

Dawn Michelle Wolfe Butterfly Art

The work of California artist Dawn Michelle Wolfe features recurring motifs—and none more so than butterflies. Employing techniques that include paper cutting and folding, layering, and collaging, Wolfe creates delicately balanced compositions of subtle color, pattern, and strategically placed hyper-realistic butterflies.  


At ICFF 2018, wildlife was everywhere, and the place was aflutter with butterflies.

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Monte Carlo Fans Butterfly Ceiling Fan

The aptly named Butterfly ceiling fan by the Monte Carlo Fan Company found its inspiration in the delicate physical structure of the butterfly, its wing-like blades forming a graceful motion as it circulates air. An integrated downlight and remote-controlled motor keep things state-of-the-art cool all summer long.

Moooi Nest Collection

The Moooi Nest collection features a slender metal frame that effortlessly supports sumptuous cushions, inviting guests to sit down and nestle in for the long haul. Dozens of fabric choices include the vividly illustrated Flower Bits pattern, exuberantly illustrated with plenty of oversized blooms—and a massive butterfly or two.

ICFF 2018

At this year's ICFF, wildlife was a recurring theme, with birds, jungle animals, and butterflies taking center stage. Standout designs included ravishing hand-knotted rugs by Wendy Morrison (top, left). The brilliant Renaissance rug dazzled with its repeat pattern motif of butterflies, vividly rendered in bright pink, various blues, and glistening gold..

Newton Paisley's Cactus Mexicanos wallpaper, designed and hand-drawn by conservation biologist Susy Paisley, highlights the plight of endangered and neglected species. Exquisitely detailed illustrations of flora and fauna—including fluttering butterflies—create an enchanting tableaux of natural wonders, while fostering the preservation of wildlife habitat, thanks to a collaboration with World Land Trust.