Top 5 Interior Design Trends For 2022

From our editor's global discoveries hunting the latest designs from Paris to New York, we’ve selected the most notable trends to usher in 2022 and ensure that this is your most stylish year yet.

Comforting Curves

“Look for curved lines to be implemented into architecture. A freedom from the feel of limitations within a rigorously structured space." Veranda

Curvy furniture is back and better than ever with an upgrade for the modern age. Welcoming forms like sculptural seating, rounded tables, and chunky decor that feels both trendy and timeless work together to create an overall relaxed and comfortable feel within your space. Think radiused corners or curved backs on sofas, with flared arms on lounge chairs, and waterfall edges on desks and console tables, complemented by scalloped shapes found on rugs and ottomans. Also known as Neotenic design, this style is all about pieces that feature soft, comforting lines, ushering in a welcoming change to typical structure and geometric form. An interior designer favorite, the Roly Poly Armchair by Driade offers distinct neotenic style through its rounded endges and chic curves, suitable for use both indoors and out.

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Neoclassical Revamp

“Refined classic lines of the interior are always in trend. Neoclassicism, in comparison with classical design, is more laconic, restrained and harmoniously combined with innovative approaches to creating functional housing. “New Decor Trends  

A trend continuing to make a resurgence with its traditional undertones and statement-making possibilities, Neoclassical interior design is imagined for practicality, well-being, and supreme beauty. A composition of luxe elements and striking nostaligiac statements, this look is achieved with the layering of newer pieces paired with vintage favorites and bold colors to make a maximalist statement. Classic busts, toile and chinoiserie prints, and graceful, carved detailings create a space that is brimming with elegance and sophistication. Well-loved for its timeless elegance, this style is luxurious without being ostentatious, offering a relaxed atmosphere that is at once, both refined and charming. The Peacock Armchair from Cappellini makes a stunning Neoclassical statement with its eye-catching folds and rich blue upholstery.

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Sustainable Design

“The concept of choosing quality over quantity will inspire design enthusiasts to educate themselves and be more willing to wait patiently for those pieces that they can surround themselves with for decades to come. “Veranda

With more of a focus being put on the environment and adapting to new landscapes and consumer trends, designers and design houses are continuously re-engineering favorite pieces and styles to better meet best-in-class sustainable practices. Whether you choose a product crafted from recycled materials that would otherwise go to waste, or constructed through processes that have little to no negative impact on the environment, or something produced locally, you can feel good about not only selecting a quality design, but the positive contribution you are making towards the well-being of communities around the world. A best-seller like the Sleepytime Leather Rocker is hand-crafted in North America from FSC-certified walnut wood, wrapped in 100% vegan leather, while the construction process is Greenguard Gold Certified for meeting and exceeding the world’s most stringent chemical emissions requirements.

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