Modern Sputnik Pendant Lights

Top 16 Modern Pendant Lights

Scene-stealers, whether hung individually or in clusters, modern pendant lights make dazzling design statements. Our favorite pendants comprise the ornamental and the minimal, the industrial and the cutting edge—each a lights-out example of modern pendant lighting at its best.

Top 20 Dining Room Pendant Lights

No modern dining space is complete without a delicious pendant light. Our favorite dining room pendant lights are a delectable lot, especially striking when suspended above a table or counter top.

Put your one-of-a-kind style on display with modern sputnik pendant lights

Pendant lighting is a smart lighting option because it is space-saving, stylish, and incredibly functional. Sputnik pendants put a mid-century modern spin on traditional pendant lights. Inherently retro and completely contemporary, sputnik lights are artistic and dramatic. Browse the stunning selection of sputnik pendants available at 2Modern and you’ll see why these fixtures are the right choice for your contemporary home.

How to choose the right sputnik pendant lighting

When selecting a sputnik pendant for your home, take the material of your fixture into consideration. Most sputnik chandeliers feature metal of some kind. Whether you prefer a brass, aluminum, or steel design, metal is a substantial, durable, and versatile lighting material. Some modern sputnik pendant lights combine two materials. Glass is a beautiful, glistening element that adds texture and interest. Acrylic is a contemporary material that brings instant drama. Choose a material that complements the other fixtures, décor, and furniture in your space.

Think about the existing color palette in your home and the color scheme you wish to create. Lighting is an exciting way to begin an entirely new color palette in your favorite room, and it’s also a brilliant way to complete the look you’ve already achieved with your other pieces. Gold is equal parts modern and classic, ranging in hue from blush-toned rose gold to brass to a soft, brushed finish. Silver is a sparkling option that also offers a broad range of tones, including nickel and a matte, satin finish. Black lighting adds depth and dimension, and white lighting plays up the fresh, bright look of your home. Choose a color that brings your interior design goals to life.

Decide on the ideal number of pendants for your specific space. Kitchen islands and dining tables often require multiple large pendants, while a cozy corner office might just require a single small modern sputnik pendant light. You’ll want to consider the distance between pendants, the space between the lighting and other objects (such as kitchen cabinets, walls, or other light fixtures), and the scale of your home’s architecture and your furniture. If you’re unsure about how to pick the right lighting for your kitchen or dining room, read through our 4-step how-to guide.

Lastly, decide on the style that makes the most sense for you and your home. Sputnik pendants typically take on a contemporary or a mid-century modern style, but they also vary from one design to the next. Some fixtures feature glamorous, opulent crystals, while other designs are more artistic, unique, and asymmetrical. Certain modern sputnik pendant lights take on an elongated, vertically-oriented shape, and others offer a wide, horizontal design. Allow the shapes and interesting lines to speak to you as you browse through our incredible selection.

Use sputnik pendant lighting to complete the layered look in your modern home

Undeniably striking and overwhelmingly interesting, sputnik pendants are the perfect choice for your well-edited home. From grand, oversized designs to mini pendants, it’s easy to create a more exciting space with sputnik pendants from 2Modern. Choose from top brands like Hubbardton Forge, Corbett Lighting, Varaluz, Troy Lighting, Modern Forms, Hinkley, and more.