Parvez Taj

Canadian-born and Los Angeles based, Parvez Taj has dedicated his career to making strikingly original, yet accessible, contemporary art. In addition to water-based paints, photographs, and digital media, his layered compositions make compelling use of ultraviolet inks, a medium never before used in fine art application.

Wing on Douglas Fir
Parvez Taj Wing on Douglas Fir from $538.00
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Texas Wall Art
Parvez Taj Texas Wall Art from $256.00
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Marrakesh Nights Wall Art
Parvez Taj Marrakesh Nights Wall Art from $256.00
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Yosemite Wall Art
Parvez Taj Yosemite Wall Art from $162.00
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Aquinas on White Barn
Parvez Taj Aquinas on White Barn from $598.00
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Aquinas Wall Art
Parvez Taj Aquinas Wall Art from $578.00
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