Modern Furniture

The key to an inspiring and original modern space is, of course, carefully selected modern furniture. Whether choosing a sofa, modern coffee table, storage, or modern bed, a well-composed room necessitates a thoughtful balance of form, scale, materials, and color. If your taste veers towards elegant minimalism and traditional materials, review our classically modern statement pieces from Knoll and Artek , an artful collection with which to express your appreciation for time-tested design. But if your preference is for a playfully stylish room, our collection of streamlined sofas—like Blu Dot's bright red Bank Sofa—coffee tables, contemporary lounge chairs, and modern side tables—we love the Bowl Table from Mater—is sure to yield an ideal furniture ensemble for a comfortable and visually compelling modern interior. For help choosing the right piece of furniture for your contemporary space, be sure to review 2Modern’s Editor’s Picks.