Outdoor Table Lamps

Outdoor tabletop illumination doesn't have to be limited to candles alone. Whether in the market for a luxury piece, like the Flora Table Lamp by Bover, or an accessibly modern lamp, like the Edison the Petit by Fatboy, our modern outdoor table lamps are illuminating additions to patio table or dinner buffet.


Cooper Cappie Lamp Cover
Fatboy Cooper Cappie Lamp Cover $18.00
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Edison the Petit
Fatboy Edison the Petit $89.00
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Fora Table Lamp
Bover Fora Table Lamp $2,184.00
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Gufo Table Lamp
Tango Lighting Gufo Table Lamp from $160.00
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Toobe Lamp
Kartell Toobe Lamp from $360.00
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Wisteria Light
Tango Lighting Wisteria Light from $212.00
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