Shelving & Bookcases

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Grassy Shelving Natural
Iannone Design Grassy Shelving Natural $2,600.00
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Bolla 6 Shelving System & Room Divider
Scale 1:1 Bolla 6 Shelving System & Room Divider $1,853.08
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Lineground Console
Skram Lineground Console $3,561.60
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Bolla 4 Console Table & Shelving Unit
Scale 1:1 Bolla 4 Console Table & Shelving Unit $1,505.75
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Bolla 8 Shelving System & Room Divider
Scale 1:1 Bolla 8 Shelving System & Room Divider $2,278.03
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Wall Clamp
Areaware Wall Clamp $75.00
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Tree Bookcase
Nursery Works Tree Bookcase $899.00
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URBN Aksel Short Wall Shelf
MODLOFT URBN Aksel Short Wall Shelf $699.00
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URBN Aksel Tall Wall Shelf
MODLOFT URBN Aksel Tall Wall Shelf $599.00
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URBN Elias Wall Shelves (Set of 2)
MODLOFT URBN Elias Wall Shelves (Set of 2) $499.00
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Hiya Bookshelf
Spot On Square Hiya Bookshelf from $549.00
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Hiya Dresser
Spot On Square Hiya Dresser from $849.00
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Vertical and horizontal, large and small, geometric and organic; our modern bookcase collection offers both practical and artful solutions for storing books or displaying objects. Whether roomy or small-scale, classically modern or cutting-edge contemporary, our bookcases and modern shelving designs have been thoughtfully created with contemporary living in mind.

Are modern bookcases still needed in a digital world?

A modern bookcase may seem like an obsolete item in a world of online content, but the fact is that books have not gone out of fashion yet. For many people, book collecting remains important and valued, and having a place to display them equally vital. Bookcases, of course, are hardly for books alone, offering storage space for everything from digital media to personal artifacts. Add to that the fact that large contemporary bookshelves can also act as space dividers, making them ideal for lofts and other open plan areas, and it’s easy to see why the modern bookcase remains a very relevant piece of furniture.

How important is it to invest in a modern bookcase and modern shelving?

Modern bookcases and modern shelves of all kinds are as important to a contemporary home as all smart storage is. Anyone who longs for an organized, inspiring personal space knows that storage is a key element in corralling sundry possessions and in displaying the things that we enjoy seeing and interacting with on a daily basis. Investing in contemporary shelving designs and modern bookcases is smart not just for practical reasons, but because today’s range of inventive modern shelves and bookcases are also visually striking storage solutions.

What’s the best material for a modern bookcase?

A bookcase should be, first and foremost, sturdy and durable. Solid wood is an obvious choice both for its beauty and durability, but may be out of your price range. Powder coated steel is a more accessible option for contemporary shelving, one that wears well, is easy to care for, and carries plenty of clean, contemporary flair. Ultimately, though the materials used in making the modern bookcase or shelving unit you choose are less important than how carefully it’s been crafted. Materials as varied as injection molded plastic and wood composites, if made with care and integrity, may hold up to use over time as well as modern bookcases made with seemingly indestructible hard wood. As with all modern design, honest materials and integrity in craftsmanship are keys to pieces that stand the test of time.

What’s the key to a well-designed bookcase or bookshelves?

There’s no shortage of beautiful contemporary bookshelves and modern bookcases in today’s design market, but when shopping for a bookcase, remember to keep your eye on functionality as well as form. Good modern storage is creatively composed, well crafted and efficient, so while it’s easy to fall for a design that’s visually compelling, it’s more important for modern shelving to resolve your storage needs in a simple and efficient way—while also offering esthetic value.