Modern Wall Lights

Space-savers and wall statements all their own, our collection of modern wall lights include versatile swing-arm lamps for the bedroom or study, artful modern sconces for nuanced interior lighting, and an inventive range of modern bath and vanity lighting for targeted illumination. No longer mere wallflowers, our collection of modern wall sconces make lighting statements every bit as dramatic as modern pendant lights and floor lamps—ranging from the innovative minimalism of LZF, to the decorative beauty of Marset. Our range of modern bath and vanity lighting includes a variety of wall and overhead styles designed to provide lighting for necessary tasks, and more nuanced lighting when ambience is essential. For bedside reading or bathroom rituals, swing arm lamps offer the flexibility that pinpointed lighting demands. Our stylish range of modern swing arm lamps includes the brushed stainless steel Vintage Swing Arm Lamp by Gus, and the elegant articulated arms of the Kelvin LED Wall Lamp by FLOS.