Urbancase, founded by Darin Montgomery in 2002, is a company guided by the principle of living well with fewer things. Committed to designing modern objects and spaces that encourage a simpler, pared-down lifestyle, Urbancase products are defined by a visually clean aesthetic paired with supreme functionality—and by a philosophy of environmental and social responsibility.

Alvo Stool
urbancase Alvo Stool $375.00
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Ash Wall Desk/Shelf
urbancase Ash Wall Desk/Shelf $1,500.00
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Dash Shelf
urbancase Dash Shelf from $140.00
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Nifty Sidetable
urbancase Nifty Sidetable $650.00
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The 1.2 Chair
urbancase The 1.2 Chair $750.00
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The Edge Sidetable
urbancase The Edge Sidetable $450.00
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Walnut Wall Desk/Shelf
urbancase Walnut Wall Desk/Shelf $1,500.00
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