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A collaboration with interior designer Genevieve Gorder, this elegant self-adhesive and removable pattern features a perfect formation of birds in flight.

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Light as air, and recharged by battery, Transloetje is a modern lamp that goes wherever you want it to.

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The walls of a home, whether in a modern city apartment or suburban home, are blank canvases that can come to life vividly when beautiful wall décor is applied. Contemporary design brands offer an enormous range of modern wall applications, from gorgeous wallpaper motifs and cutting edge graphic art to innovating 3D wall applications. With so many options available, it’s useful to focus on a couple of the most rewarding ways to use your home’s walls to create ambiance and richness in a modern room.

Use modern wall coverings to complement, not overwhelm.

Wallpaper has come a long way from the days when choices were limited to traditional, old-fashioned floral patterns. Today’s contemporary wallpaper options run the gamut from delicate to vivid, subtle to daring—and feature striking designs ranging from Mid Century Modern patterns, iconic pop culture motifs, and colorful abstractions that double as contemporary art installations. 3D wall applications can transform an ordinary expanse of wall into an innovative and architectural modern design statement, with temporary wallpaper eases the stress of a long-term modern wallpaper commitment.

With so many choices available, it’s especially important to think carefully about what you require of your wall covering; in other words, do you want it to be the room’s centerpiece, or part of a larger, harmonious modern design statement. These parameters will help inform your choice of design motif, color scheme, and the size of the area of a wall you’d like to cover. 

It’s important that you don’t undermine the rest of the room’s design components with your choice of modern wall treatments. As with furniture, lighting, and modern décor, wall treatments should balance and enhance a room’s other features, whether it be via pattern, color or scale.

2Modern’s vast and varied modern wallpaper and 3D wall applications come from both venerable international brands and local contemporary design stars, and have been selected for their quality, originality and beauty. Review our modern wall offerings here. 

Avoid making modern wall art an afterthought.

Art, whether modestly priced or expensive, adds personal expression to a room—so don’t make your choice of contemporary wall art an afterthought. As with wallpaper and other wall applications, contemporary art pieces should be chosen with great care and discernment, forming an integral part of a room or modern home’s character. 

Collecting art doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars, but it does mean selecting with quality and longevity, in addition to esthetics, in mind. Choose modern wall art compositions that resonate on an emotional level, even if your budget is small, always mindful that, unlike other wall treatments, art is not to be matched to a room’s color or style so much to add to its overall expressiveness. 

2Modern’s collection of contemporary art prints, which include designs on fabric, canvas, and metal, as well as limited edition modern wall art pieces, may be just the focal point or finishing touch needed to elevate a modern room from ordinary to extraordinary.