Editor's Picks: Top 10 Modern Dining Chairs

Our picks for modern dining chairs are undeniably delicious—but their good looks are only the half of it. Original, comfortable, and able to complement almost any dining table, these are the dining chairs that make us want to stay home and eat in every night. 


Knoll - Nakashima Straight Chair

Solid proof that it's possible to be both impeccably tailored and comfortably plush.

Kartell - Masters Chair

The very definition of a classic beauty: a stool that looks forever young at the ripe old age of 80.

Blu Dot - Clutch Dining Chair

No bells and whistles needed. When craftsmanship is this good, there's nothing to hide.

Saloom - Bowtie Plyshell Dining Chair

Metal that's thin as paper and folds like origami. Real Good? How about real great?

Modloft - URBN Mathilde Dining Chair

No "slum of legs" on this table. When it comes to elegance, this pedestal stands alone.


Copeland - Estelle Dining Chair

Just try serving coffee on this flowery table—without smiling. Not possible.

Calligaris - Area 51 Chair

What's not to like about a clean and functional piece, capable of doing double duty?

Blu Dot - Chip Dining Chair

It may be museum material, but this 1967 gem is still accessible to design geeks like me.

Knoll - Risom Side Chair

Most with least: barely-there minimalism meets supreme efficiency.

Modloft - Langham Leather Dining Chair

Forget crystal balls; a shiny copper pendant portends a warmer and rosier future.