Editor's Picks: Top 10 Modern Beds

Whether low platform or lofty canopy, our favorite modern beds offer both dreamy profiles and incomparable comfort. Designs ranging from Mid Century handsome to contemporary clean, these inspired beds will have you counting the minutes to nightfall.


Blu Dot - Hush Bed

Wafer thin upholstered headboard and side rails, and slender steel base. Nothing hush hush about this bed.

MASH Studios - PCH Series Canopy Bed

Solid teak minimalism all the way, this handsome four-poster modern bed is elegantly out-of-the-box.

Modloft - Chelsea Bed

Neatly tailored headboard, with middle seam line and clean side folds. The firm faux leather upholstered headboard and frame rests atop a rounded polished steel base.

TrueModern - Dane Bed

Metal that's thin as paper and folds like origami. Real Good? How about real great?

Gus - Switch Bed

No "slum of legs" on this table. When it comes to elegance, this pedestal stands alone.

Modernica - Alpine Bed

Just try serving coffee on this flowery table—without smiling. Not possible.

Modloft - Worth Bed

What's not to like about a clean and functional piece, capable of doing double duty?

Calligaris - Alameda Bed

It may be museum material, but this 1967 gem is still accessible to design geeks like me.

Copeland - Astrid Bed with Adustable Headboards

Most with least: barely-there minimalism meets supreme efficiency.

Blu Dot - Nook Bed

Forget crystal balls; a shiny copper pendant portends a warmer and rosier future.