Made in the USA

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We love design no matter where it's made, but we admit to a soft spot for those who craft modern design in our American backyard. We're a nation bursting with originality! Explore all of our homegrown designers, check out featured USA-made products and more, all in this handy, patriotic section.

Cultivate karma

There's really high-quality work being produced in the USA right now, reflecting this country's dedication to integrity, authenticity and hard work. Cultivate karma when you support small American business and buy from a designer that's making stunning furniture here in the USA. Experience the unmistakable soul that exudes from all of our USA-made pieces and buy a bit for your home.

Proud to be an American

We're an American retailer and proud of it. As a rule, folks usually value people they can believe in and products they can fall in love with. These beautiful American-made products will become pieces you pass on through generations (and last so long they just might end up on a spaceship someday.)

It's about the cool stories

We're inspired and invigorated by the stories of designers taking the leap into creating their own small businesses to produce furniture, lighting and accessories. From sleepy Midwestern states to hip hubs in Brooklyn and everywhere in between, you'll be as fascinated by the stories of your creative U.S. neighbors as much as we are.

BEST PATRIOT ACT - "Mill Valley based furniture e-tailer puts its national pride on display with a new Made in the USA shop on its Web site, highlighting the work of such domestic design companies as Flavor Paper, Dform, and NorCal favorite Alex Marshall Studios. All that's needed for this 100-percent American buying experience is a Lee Greenwood serenade every time you hit the add to cart button." — 7x7 Magazine

Made in the USA Design Spotlight: