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Taccia Small Table Lamp

This new, smaller version of the original 1962 design by the the Castiglioni Brothers, is approximately half the size of the original design, and comes in 4 new colorways.

IO Wall Light

A elegant, minimalist design, the IO Wall Light has a dual rotating axis, allowing 360° rotation and light direction exactly where it's required. 

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Finding the best modern lighting solution may feel like an overwhelming task, but our wide selection of contemporary lamps can help make the process easier and more enjoyable. Far from being an afterthought in a room's decor, thoughtfully chosen modern light fixtures—whether pendant light, modern chandelier, or table an desk lamps—is an essential element to creating an inspiring room. While an optimal contemporary lighting fixture can unify disparate elements in a room, and produce a harmonizing modern design statement, ill-chosen lighting can easily undermine a room’s most beautiful furnishings and carefully balanced color scheme. Our curated collection of modern floor lamps, chandeliers, and modern pendant lighting offer a wide range of visually compelling lighting designs, available in a variety of styles, sizes, light sources, and materials—each aimed at helping create the most esthetically pleasing and nuanced modern interiors.

How do I choose the best modern lighting style for my home?

There's no shortage of modern lighting fixtures available, but not every contemporary lighting design is suited to the size, layout, or purpose of a room or space. By carefully considering the benefits and pitfalls of each type of lighting fixture, you'll likely select the best modern lighting design for eah room of your apartment or house.

When is a modern ceiling light a good option?

Ceiling-mounted lights comprise a large group, ranging from statement chandeliers to small-scale recessed lighting elements. Because ceiling lights offer a broad range of contemporary decor options without intruding on floor space and surface areas, they remain a popular choice for modern design enthusiasts. Whether opting for a single modern pendant lamp that emits warm and nuanced lighting for a dinner party, or a multi-bulb contemporary chandelier that lights up a large living room, modern ceiling lights offer a variety of designs for most any contemporary space, no matter its size or function.

What's the advantage of modern wall lights?

Wall Lights are ideal for areas where either adjustable lighting or subtle illumination is needed. Swing arm lamps, with their flexible elements, allow you to adjust the direction of the light, and are ideal as reading lights above bedside tables, while wall sconces, small, fixed decorative lights, work well in small spaces, like bathrooms, or can provide subtle modern accent lighting for a hallway.

Why choose a modern table lamp or desk lamp? 

Both functional and decorative, modern table lamps and desk lamps can act as attractive contemporary decor objects while also injecting essential nuanced illumination into a room. While the purpose of a table lamp or modern desk lamp isn’t to bathe an entire room in light, the relatively small size and broad range of modern designs available in this lighting category gives design lovers endless choices for home office, modern nursery, or most any room in the house. 

When is a modern floor lamp the best lighting solution?

When space is not issue, modern floor lamps may be the ideal choice for giving a room both essential lighting and compelling visual interest. The relatively large size of a floor lamp automatically makes it a central decorative component in a room, as well as a substantial light source. Because floor lamps, like modern desk lamps and table lamps, aren't site-specific, they're typically good investments, allowing you to move them from room to room, or, in some cases, updating and adjusting elements to suit a more specific purpose.