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Good Weave Article

Good Weave adds 2Modern to growing list of companies joining its child-labor-free certification:

Online Retailer Known for Social and Environmental Innovation Joins the Fight to End Illegal Child Labor.
2Modern has joined GoodWeave™, the rug certification program working to end exploitative child labor in the carpet industry and offer schooling to emancipated child workers and other at-risk children in South Asia. 2Modern, a Bay area-based, online retailer of modern home interiors, joins roughly 70 other licensed North American importers in agreeing to adhere to GoodWeave’s no-child-labor standard. The standard requires all workers to be over the legal working age of 14 and to allow local GoodWeave inspectors to make unannounced, random inspections of all sourced rug production facilities in Nepal and India. The majority of fees paid to GoodWeave for its certification fund tuition, fees, and supplies for schoolchildren.

“2Modern’s involvement is significant, because their extensive online reach helps increase the visibility and availability of GoodWeave rugs,” says Nina Smith, Executive Director of RugMark USA, the organization behind GoodWeave. Smith notes that this new, high-profile Internet placement of certified rugs opens up consumer education opportunities beyond increasing sales. “Part of our goal is to ensure that consumers are aware of the problem if illegal child labor and know that they can help end it through their purchasing choices. GoodWeave product placement on 2Modern helps,” Smith continues. Since RugMark began in 1994, child laborers in the industry in South Asia have decreased in number from an estimated one million to 250,000. It has rescued 3,600 children from servitude at carpet looms, and funded schooling for 9,000 liberated and at-risk children. Currently, 3,400 children in Nepal and India are enrolled in school under GoodWeave sponsorships.

2Modern, cited by Blueprint Magazine and Shop Etc Magazine as one of the best sites for top modern designs, offers high-end and eco-friendly home furnishings and accessories, now including GoodWeave certified, hand-tufted New Zealand wool carpets designed by founders Greg Finney and Jennifer Sitko. We always look for socially and environmentally friendly products, Finney says, “so it is absolutely a necessity to work with a GoodWeave inspected facility for our 2Modern brand rugs.” In addition to their own rug designs, 2Modern offers carpets by indiB, notNeutral, Judy Ross, and Warp & Weft – all brands employing the GoodWeave certification.

Many of 2Modern’s brand rugs are inspired by nature; Sitko’s “Blossom” rug, created in collaboration with Emma Gardner Design, was inspired by the area around Lake Tahoe, and Finney’s “Sky” design is based on look of branches against the sky. Joining GoodWeave furthers 2Modern’s dedication to making a difference, shown in other ways by the company’s participation in various charities, including the American Heart Association, S.L.E. Lupus Foundation, The American Cancer Society, and Autism Speaks. In addition, 2Modern recently received a nomination for the Shine a Light Award in recognition of their work with Hayden’s Hope. More 2Modern information is at and 2Modern. Design tips and products can also be found on the blog

About GoodWeave
The GoodWeave certification program works to end exploitative child labor in the South Asian carpet industry by inspecting weaving looms and providing rehabilitation and education for former child weavers and other at-risk children. The GoodWeave label is your best assurance that no child labor was used in the manufacture of a carpet or rug. Profiles of all GoodWeave certified companies, as well as a complete list of importers and retailers that sell GoodWeave certified rugs, are available at Good Weave.