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About Modern Accents

Modern rugs, pillows, contemporary bedding, clocks: these are the finishing touches that give a room or house individuality and personal expression. Placing a striking, hand-stitched decorative pillow on a clean-lined modern sofa instantly transforms it from a generically good looking piece of modern design to a highly personal statement.

A colorful, eco-friendly contemporary rug can be as much art piece as floor covering, becoming the focal point of a living or dining room, while a richly textured, American-made modern carpet can give a modern bedroom or nursery depth and dimension. Subtle modern design— Mid-Century Modern vase, a carefully selected picture frame, a handsome contemporary clock—are essential contemporary décor items for breathing life into a space, while defining it as wholly original, and wholly yours.

Buy Modern Decor for Love, Not Fashion

Home Décor trends come and go, but rather than focusing on what’s fashionable and popular, select modern décor items that you truly love. Items with a short shelf life are a waste of time and resources, and by relying on your instincts, rather than trends, you’ll inevitably amass a modern design collection that’s inspiring and satisfying—both in the short term and in the long run. Buying with your heart as well as your head is the best way to buy contemporary home accents that will evolve and grow along with your life.

Select Modern Accents Carefully, Thoughtfully

With easy online access to modern décor items from across the world, it’s easy to buy cheaply- made, trendy home décor. But whether you’re looking for striking modern bedding to spruce up your master bedroom, or sleek contemporary accents for your elegant kitchen, try to select items in a thoughtful and deliberate manner—even if it’s small and inexpensive modern design. Thinking before buying will help you hone refine your creative eye and hone your appreciation for well-made, long-lasting modern design.

Our vast collection of modern home accents have been carefully curated to include a broad range of beautiful, well crafted decorative modern products from today’s leading contemporary designers and brands. Explore our striking selection of modern accent pieces to find the piece or pieces that speak to you.

Invest in Quality Modern Home Decor over Quantity

When it comes to modern accessories, more isn’t necessarily better. No matter your budget, aim for a curated home in which quality, not quantity rules. Splurging on a single contemporary mirror that serves a practical function while also creating a beautiful, lasting esthetic statement is a smarter way to budget your resources than buying a dozen items that fill up your space, but get lost in a sea of impoulsively chosen objects.

Whether you’re aiming for a single contemporary accent, or a pair of hand-crafted modern accessories, there's something in our vast collection of modern accents to suit the tastes of all contemporary design lovers.