Modern Wallpaper

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Flutterby Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Flutterby Wallpaper $85.00
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Glitz Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Glitz Wallpaper $85.00
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Jewel Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Jewel Wallpaper $85.00
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Glimmerous Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Glimmerous Wallpaper $85.00
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Elizabeth Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Elizabeth Wallpaper $70.00
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Geo Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Geo Wallpaper $50.00
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Precious Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Precious Wallpaper $50.00
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Hicks Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Hicks Wallpaper $85.00
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Linear Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Linear Wallpaper $85.00
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Cube Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Cube Wallpaper $85.00
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Vintage Flock Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Vintage Flock Wallpaper $85.00
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Spirit Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Spirit Wallpaper $75.00
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Enthrall Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Enthrall Wallpaper $75.00
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Mirage Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Mirage Wallpaper $75.00
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Desire Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Desire Wallpaper $75.00
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Saville Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Saville Wallpaper $75.00
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Heston Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Heston Wallpaper $75.00
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Ulterior Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Ulterior Wallpaper from $60.00
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Checker Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Checker Wallpaper $50.00
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Skulls Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Skulls Wallpaper $155.00
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Shoes Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Shoes Wallpaper $155.00
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Ophelia Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Ophelia Wallpaper $160.00
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Gradient Wallpaper
Graham & Brown Gradient Wallpaper $50.00
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Robo Rail Wallpaper
Aimee Wilder Robo Rail Wallpaper $165.00
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Big Robots Wallpaper
Aimee Wilder Big Robots Wallpaper $165.00
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Panda Wallpaper
Aimee Wilder Panda Wallpaper $165.00
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Lovebirds Wallpaper
Aimee Wilder Lovebirds Wallpaper $180.00
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Kokeshi Wallpaper
Aimee Wilder Kokeshi Wallpaper $175.00
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Ikat Pixel Wallpaper
Aimee Wilder Ikat Pixel Wallpaper $165.00
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Brain Candy Wallpaper
Aimee Wilder Brain Candy Wallpaper from $165.00
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Astrobots Wallpaper
Aimee Wilder Astrobots Wallpaper $165.00
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Sumo Wallpaper
Aimee Wilder Sumo Wallpaper $165.00
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Squirrels Wallpaper
Aimee Wilder Squirrels Wallpaper $165.00
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Snow Scene Wallpaper
Aimee Wilder Snow Scene Wallpaper $175.00
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Robots Wallpaper
Aimee Wilder Robots Wallpaper $175.00
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Pop Floral Wallpaper
Aimee Wilder Pop Floral Wallpaper $165.00
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Modern wallpaper options have evolved drastically over the last few decades, rendering irrelevant the old days of limited motifs and arduous wallpaper application and removal methods. Today’s designer wallpaper options comprise such a great variety of materials, textures, motifs—as well as far easier application processes—that electing to include contemporary wallpaper in your interior design projects is no longer something to be dreaded, but, rather, eagerly anticipated.

With so many choices available in the modern wallpaper category, though, it’s particularly important to think carefully about what you expect your wallpaper to accomplish—in other words, whether you expect it to be the focal point in a room, or one element in a harmonious visual statement. To this end, some basic parameters may help you in your quest to select modern wallpaper designs that inject personality and dimension without overwhelming a room’s other equally important components.

More isn’t always better with contemporary wallpaper designs.

There’s no doubt that today’s modern wallpaper motifs include designs so striking and beautiful that you may feel compelled to include them in a room. But remember that impact has everything to do with understanding when enough is enough. Using good judgment when deciding how many walls of a room to cover is vital.

A particularly bold or colorful designer wallpaper motif might be an ideal choice for a room, but covering just a single wall may create the impact you’re searching for, while swathing an entire a room may be overwhelming. Contemporary interior designers have made the accent wall an interesting visual device, illustrating that a well composed room doesn’t have to involve treating every wall in the identical manner.

The proportion of wallpaper to the other elements in the room should inform in your modern wallpaper selection (and application) in the same way that selecting modern furniture and accessories does.

Temporary wallpapers take the fear out of long-term commitments.

If you’re keen on experimenting with contemporary wallpaper, but still find yourself unable to commit to a specific pattern, consider temporary wallpaper. Every bit as beautiful as traditional wallpaper designs, temporary wallpapers are amongst the cool wallpaper options that don’t necessitate committing to a design that you love, but which you might fear growing tired of in a couple of years.

Self-adhesive, and easy to remove, reposition, or replace, temporary modern wallpaper designs can be installed yourself in a matter of hours, providing instant gratification for a fraction of the effort. An extensive range of motifs—floral designs, geometrics, children’s illustrations—make temporary wallpapers perfect for any room, and offer the huge advantage of allowing you to experiment with smaller areas before deciding on a larger wallpaper project.

Modern wallpaper doubles as art.

Today’s designer wallpaper options are so innovative and original, they no longer qualify simply as wallpaper, but as large-scale artistic statements. Designs that are hand screened, for instance, make each wallpaper roll wholly unique, so take full advantage of that fact. While you always have the choice of using wallpaper in a subtle way, modern wallpapers also provide the opportunity to make unique and compelling creative statements, blurring the line between design and art.