Vintage textile motifs inform the whimsical designs that distinguish Thomaspaul pillows and home accessories. Thomaspaul modern rugs, tableware, bedding and decorative accents bear original patterns and illustrations that reference period fabrics, from 18th Century Damask to camouflage prints. With stylized, bold, and charming interpretations, Thomaspaul modern decor updates the past with a fresh, lively, and thoroughly modern spin.

Octopus Shower Curtain by Thomaspaul
Thomaspaul Octopus Shower Curtain $130.00

Seahorse Shower Curtain by Thomaspaul
Thomaspaul Seahorse Shower Curtain $130.00

Humphrey Flax Pillow by Thomaspaul
Thomaspaul Humphrey Flax Pillow $80.00

Zig Zag Resort Pillow by Thomaspaul
Thomaspaul Zig Zag Resort Pillow from $96.00

Octopus Alpaca Throw Blanket by Thomaspaul
Thomaspaul Octopus Alpaca Throw Blanket $400.00

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