Modern Square Pendant Lights

Top 16 Modern Pendant Lights

Scene-stealers, whether hung individually or in clusters, modern pendant lights make dazzling design statements. Our favorite pendants comprise the ornamental and the minimal, the industrial and the cutting edge—each a lights-out example of modern pendant lighting at its best.

Top 20 Dining Room Pendant Lights

No modern dining space is complete without a delicious pendant light. Our favorite dining room pendant lights are a delectable lot, especially striking when suspended above a table or counter top.

Square pendant lights are the perfect modern lighting solution

Pendant lighting is an incredibly popular choice because it is as functional as it is stylish. The space-saving designs allow pendants to be placed just about anywhere, and they can meet all of your ambient or task lighting needs. Square-shaped pendants are a unique take on the classic pendant light. Modern and stylish, square pendant lighting is a brilliant way to brighten your home. At 2Modern, we offer a broad range of square pendant light styles to complement any interior design scheme.

Choosing the best square pendant lighting for your home

First, how many pendants your space requires. This number will depend upon a number of factors, including the size of the pendant, the size of the area requiring illumination, the scale of the pendant in relation to your furniture and architectural elements, and the other lighting within the space. You want to use enough pendant lights to brighten your space effectively, but you don’t want to overwhelm the room. A single pendant is a contemporary alternative to table lamps on your nightstand, while 2, 3, or 4 pendants work well over a dining table or kitchen island. For some helpful advice on choosing the right lights for your kitchen or dining room, take a look at our 4-step how-to guide.

Next, think about the style that works best for your space and suits your individual style preferences. Square lantern pendant lights are well-suited for farmhouse or traditional design schemes. Square cage pendants create dimension and visual interest, making them perfect complements to the clean lines and straightforward designs seen in minimalist or Scandinavian interiors. Multi-square designs are a surprising, artistic, and layered choice, while flat square pendants are equal parts simple and contemporary. Opt for the style and shape that complements your existing decor and furniture best.

Weigh your options when it comes to the material of your modern square pendant lights. Material, texture, and overall appearance go hand-in-hand. Wood adds a natural, rustic touch, while glass is as traditional as it is stylish. Metal can take on a variety of different shapes, making it a popular choice in square pendant designs. Invite texture and beauty when you choose a pendant design that combines multiple materials.

Lastly, think about the colors within your space and the color palette you hope to achieve. Your modern square pendant lights should bring your design aesthetic into sharp focus. Use a black square pendant light fixture to invite rich depth and sophistication, or choose white lighting for a light, bright, and fresh look. Opt for bronze lights to create a warm and welcoming space, or make an eye-catching metallic choice with chrome pendant lighting. Combine classic and contemporary styles with a gold square pendant light, or go for a bold and interesting statement with a red, blue, or even a pink light fixture. Your lighting should reflect your personal style and complement your home in every way.

Use square pendant lights to illuminate your contemporary home

From the bathroom to the kitchen, the bedroom to the dining room, and everywhere in between, square-shaped pendants are an ultra-modern choice. With a variety of style, color, and material options, square pendant lights are a brilliant and functional accent for the most carefully-curated homes. At 2Modern, we offer stunning square-shaped designs by brands like Hudson Valley Lighting, Troy Lighting, Blackjack Lighting, Fredrick Ramond, Minka Lavery, Varaluz, and more. Achieving your interior design goals is easy with our gorgeous selection of lighting, furniture, décor, and more.