Room B

When designer Brian Buchik decided in 2009 to translate his passion for design and architecture into modern furniture for the home, the furniture brand Room B was born. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Room B focuses on a range of contemporary furniture designs—primarily modern chairs, stools, and lounge seating—that are visually timeless, supremely functional and accessibly priced for the contemporary home. 

Bar Stool 1A
Room B Bar Stool 1A from $792.00
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Bar Stool 1B
Room B Bar Stool 1B $940.00
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Bar Stool 1C
Room B Bar Stool 1C from $724.00
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Counter Stool 1A
Room B Counter Stool 1A from $792.00
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Counter Stool 1B
Room B Counter Stool 1B $940.00
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Counter Stool 1C
Room B Counter Stool 1C from $724.00
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Perch Bar Stool
Room B Perch Bar Stool from $550.00
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Perch Counter Stool
Room B Perch Counter Stool from $550.00
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