Modern Pattern Play

Nature might be the ultimate showcase for the art of repetition—think of a flower's symmetrical petal sequence or a nautilus shell's graduated segments—but modern design has its own love affair with geometry, symmetry, and the repeat pattern. As the striking, pattern-rich objects on this page illustrate, when a decorataive motif is good, it often bears repeating.

Modern Pattern Play

Muse Round Ceiling Light by Axo Light
Axo Light Muse Round Ceiling Light from $252.00

Coral Pendant by David Trubridge
David Trubridge Coral Pendant from $410.00
Best Seller
Marrakesh Removable Wallpaper by Tempaper
Tempaper Marrakesh Removable Wallpaper $98.00

Pop Missoni Armchair by Kartell
Kartell Pop Missoni Armchair $2,170.00
Caboche Chandelier by Foscarini
Foscarini Caboche Chandelier from $970.00

Ball Crisscross Pendant by Herman Miller
Herman Miller Ball Crisscross Pendant from $395.00
Half Moon Laundry Basket by Ferm Living
Ferm Living Half Moon Laundry Basket $99.00
Triangle 1 Pendant by Jefdesigns
Jefdesigns Triangle 1 Pendant from $247.50

Harrison Chandelier by Menu
Menu Harrison Chandelier from $474.95

Zig Zag Resort Pillow by Thomaspaul
Thomaspaul Zig Zag Resort Pillow from $96.00

Prop Light Round Floor Lamp by Moooi
Moooi Prop Light Round Floor Lamp $4,085.00
Crop Circles Wallpaper by Aimee Wilder
Aimee Wilder Crop Circles Wallpaper $165.00

Whales Wallpaper by Aimee Wilder
Aimee Wilder Whales Wallpaper $165.00

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