Modern Outdoor Chaise Lounges

88 Results
Capri Teak Lounger - Standard
Barlow Tyrie Capri Teak Lounger - Standard from $1,399.00
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Capri Ultra Teak Lounger
Barlow Tyrie Capri Ultra Teak Lounger from $2,325.00
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Cayman Stacking Lounge
Barlow Tyrie Cayman Stacking Lounge from $999.00
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Illuminated Vela Armless Chaiselounge
Vondom Illuminated Vela Armless Chaiselounge from $3,115.00
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Illuminated Vela Sun Chaise
Vondom Illuminated Vela Sun Chaise from $3,125.00
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Malabar Chaise Left Arm
Harbour Outdoor Malabar Chaise Left Arm $3,050.00
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Pier Sunlounge
Harbour Outdoor Pier Sunlounge $1,920.00
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Pier Chaise - Left Side
Harbour Outdoor Pier Chaise - Left Side $2,415.00
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Pillow Illuminated Sun Chaise
Vondom Pillow Illuminated Sun Chaise from $3,100.00
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Rest Sun Chaise
Vondom Rest Sun Chaise $2,605.00
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Savannah Woven Sun Lounger
Barlow Tyrie Savannah Woven Sun Lounger from $1,652.00
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Soho Sunlounge
Harbour Outdoor Soho Sunlounge $1,933.00
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Piano Left Arm Chaise Lounge
Harbour Outdoor Piano Left Arm Chaise Lounge from $3,080.00
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Piano Adjustable Sunlounge
Harbour Outdoor Piano Adjustable Sunlounge $1,965.00
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Stack Outdoor Chaise Longue With Wheels
Gandia Blasco Stack Outdoor Chaise Longue With Wheels $1,700.00
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Balmoral Sectional Chaise
Harbour Outdoor Balmoral Sectional Chaise $3,496.00
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Whether for lounging by the pool, or soaking up the sun on a patio, the outdoor chaise lounge is the ultimate outdoor furniture purchase for capturing the essence of summertime living. Ideal for wiling away the hours, reading, sunbathing, or just taking an afternoon nap, the modern chaise lounge projects idyllic decadence that easily transforms any outdoor space into an immensely inviting place. If you’re considering including chaise lounge chairs to your outdoor space, ask yourself the following questions before making a final purchase.

What are my contemporary chaise lounge options?

Adjustable angles, innovative materials, luxurious cushioning, portable features. These are only a few of the options available if you’re shopping for a modern chaise lounge for the outdoors. So, it’s a good idea to think carefully about what kind of outdoor chaise lounge design is best suited to your patio or deck, pool or garden, before deciding on the style makes most sense for you. Depending on your personal preference and style, you may opt for a lightweight aluminum chaise lounge chair with wheels, just as easily as a teak patio chaise lounge with adjustable back. The choices available to you are vast and varied, so you’ll want to spend some time making an informed decision before buying the outdoor chaise lounge of your dreams.

Where’s the best place for my outdoor designer chaise lounge?

The obvious answer is: anywhere in the sun. But, the truth is, that where you place your chaise lounge outdoor chairs has everything to do with how you use your outdoor space, and how you plan to use your chaise lounge chairs. If, for instance, you enjoy direct sun when reading or napping, you’d place your chaise lounge chairs in the spot on your patio or deck that’s primed to receive the most sun during the hours when you plan to be there. On the other hand, if you’re not a big fan of direct son, and prefer to relax on your patio chaise lounge away from the sun’s glare, then, you’d place your patio chaise lounge in a more shaded spot. The point being, that an outdoor chaise lounge is not necessarily for sun worshippers only, and are just as inviting to those who like their fresh air tempered by shade.

What’s the best material for my outdoor chaise lounge?

If you decide to purchase a contemporary chaise lounge, you’ll have a decision to make regarding the material that makes the most sense for your outdoor space, your esthetic, and your lifestyle. Bear in mind that if you intend to move your modern chaise lounge or chaise lounge sofa around your patio, deck, pool, or garden, the weight of the material you choose will matter. Wood is typically heavier than a metal, like aluminum, so it will lend itself more easily to being moved around. Or if portability is an issue, you can also opt for a pair of chaise lounge chairs that has wheels. Either way—whether you envision a static place for your chaise lounge outdoor chairs or a variety of evolving places for them, tailor the material of your purchases accordingly.