Modern Loveseats

Top 16 Contemporary Sofas

With its central place in a room, a sofa can turn an ordinary space into a stylish, sophisticated area for living and entertaining. Our Top 16 Contemporary Sofas comprise a range of elegant designs—from Mid-Century informed sofas by Gus* and Blu Dot to Scandinavian sofas by Ferm Living and MENU.

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What makes a loveseat special?

A loveseat is a two-person seat that provides a middle ground between a chair and a sofa. Loveseats are more compact and modest, allowing for the perfect fit in even the most limited spaces. Loveseats are also an ideal complement to a furniture grouping, fitting in wonderfully with a sofa and chairs for a well-rounded seating area. Because they offer comfortable, spacious seating without a huge footprint, loveseats are a well-loved choice among even the most discerning interior designers and tastemakers. At 2Modern, you’ll find a breathtaking selection of modern loveseats to bring comfort, beauty, and style into your home.

How to choose the perfect contemporary loveseat

Think about the features in a modern loveseat that would make the most sense for you and your lifestyle. A modern recliner loveseat offers optimal comfort and relaxation. A modern sleeper loveseat like the Urban Modular Sofa Bed by Calligaris is the ultimate functional choice, providing guests (or you!) with a cozy place to sleep without a need for a fully-furnished guest bedroom. A design with a built-in table, such as the ultra-modern and chic Platform One Sofa with Left or Right Table by Loll Designs, combines seating with an end table in a completely unique way. Outdoor loveseats by top brands like Cane Line and Barlow Tyrie make a brilliant addition to any outdoor living space. With these and a number of other incredibly functional and well-thought-out features, the options at 2Modern will stun you.

Consider the color that makes the greatest impact in your room. Use your modern loveseat as an opportunity to introduce a pretty pop of color, such as teal, navy blue, red, green, purple, or yellow. Choose a brown modern loveseat for its nature-inspired warmth. Opt for a gray settee to bring a cool, contemporary look that works well with decor, rugs, and other furniture of any color or pattern. Go for a black loveseat for chic and rich modern seating. Select a white modern loveseat for a clean, luxe touch.

Weigh the options when it comes to the fabric of your contemporary loveseat. You’ll want to take your lifestyle into consideration - if you have children or pets, perhaps a modern leather loveseat like the Neat Leather Settee by Blu Dot makes the most sense because it provides an easy-to-clean and durable place to land. Velvet is a luxurious and supple textile that truly makes an eye-catching statement in modern loveseats. Upholstered textiles bring texture and sophistication to your home. A wool option, like the Melinda Settee by ARTLESS, offers moisture-repellent comfort and wrinkle-resistant durability.

Finally, decide on the style that speaks to you and complements your other furniture and decor. A mid-century modern loveseat like the Womb Settee by Knoll makes a stunning retro addition to any space. Choose a Scandinavian loveseat for simplicity and a straightforward approach. Introduce art deco design into your living room with the Janelle Ink Settee by Currey & Company, go for a more traditional and timeless look, or keep it contemporary with a marvelous modern loveseat.

Use a loveseat to complete the look in your modern home

Perfectly suited for small spaces and right at home alongside other seating, modern loveseats are a versatile and well-edited choice for your contemporary home. With a wide selection of top brands, a variety of styles, an endless array of color options, and more, it’s easy to find the perfect loveseat for your home. Complete the look with a standard sofa and lounge chairs for a gorgeous modern grouping.