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Outdoor Lighting

About Outdoor Lighting

Along with furniture and accessories, modern outdoor lighting is essential for creating warm and engaging outdoor spaces that replicate the beauty and comfort we’ve come to expect inside our homes. Contemporary outdoor lighting no longer needs to be limited to pretty lanterns and glowing candles—or purely utilitarian or commercial outdoor lighting models. Our modern outdoor lighting collection includes outdoor lighting fixtures for ceiling, wall, and landscape—and feature designs every bit as beautiful and inventive as indoor lighting models.

Why is contemporary outdoor lighting important?

Depending on how much you use your outdoor deck, patio or terrace, creating a warm and engaging outdoor space is no different from composing the rooms inside your house—which is to say, your outdoor spaces are as much an expression of your life as your living room, kitchen or bedroom, and worthy of the same attention. If you spend a great deal of time outdoors, especially during the warmer months, investing in modern outdoor decor will greatly enhance the hours you spend in your outdoor space, turning outdoor life into a seamless extension of your indoor life.

What types of modern outdoor lighting should I consider buying?

Because exterior spaces vary in size, location, function, and features, modern outdoor lighting is obviously not a one-size-fits-all proposition. However, a few key outdoor lights are applicable to most any exterior space, and its worth understanding how they can be valuable additions to your outdoor spaces.

Invest in an outdoor wall light.

Weather flanking a front door, lining a patio wall, or decorating a pool house, an outdoor wall light can be a handsome and lasting outdoor light fixture for any usable exterior space. Beautifully crafted wall lights that replicate or complement the architectural features of your home help integrate indoor and outdoor areas into a harmonious visual statement, while casting both practical and attractive lighting for dining and entertaining outside.

When considering contemporary outdoor lighting, don't forget landscape lighting.

Not everyone has the luxury of a large outdoor space but if you’re lucky enough to have a big lawn, wooded property, or courtyard, investing in landscape lighting is a great idea. Outdoor lighting fixtures designed specifically to illuminate landscapes, are practical and visually dramatic. Lighting your property at night is, of course, a safety measure for both you and your guests, but with the wide range of artful contemporary outdoor lighting fixtures available for landscaped property—free standing outdoor floor lamps, solar powered lights that line a pathway, large scale lamps that double as glowing sculptures— investing in this style of modern outdoor lighting pays off handsomely.