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Modern Floor Lighting

About Floor Lighting

When it comes to lighting design, modern floor lamps offer potentially compelling value, both practically and esthetically. The height of a floor lamp automatically gives it a central role in a room, adding substantial decorative possibilities while being a substantial light source. And because modern floor lamps are freestanding and rarely site-specific, they’re excellent investments, easily interchangeable from room to room and modifiable to specific needs.

Selecting a modern floor lamp over other types of contemporary lighting options is, of course, a matter of personal taste and style, but modern floor lamps bring specific lighting advantages, in addition to sheer beauty.

How do I choose the best modern floor lamp?

Before shopping for contemporary floor lamps, determine the specific lighting problem you’re trying to solve—namely, will your lamp or lamps be the primary light source in a room, a task-specific light source (like a reading floor lamp), or simply a decorative accent? Determining these things will help inform your buying decision, and keep you from considering striking designer floor lamps that, while beautiful, don’t resolve your specific needs adequately.

If you’re looking for a modern floor lamp to simply illuminate a room, your choices will be vast and varied, but if you’re after unique floor lamps with specific adjustable features—lowering mechanisms that vary the lamp’s height, or articulated arms that can change the direction of the light source—you will have already narrowed down your search to lamps with those features only, making your search a little less arduous.

What’s the best placement for modern floor lamps?

The placement of your contemporary floor lamps should matched their primary function, which is to say, should be contingent upon whether they’re being used as general light sources, or also need to fulfill a task-specific functions.

If you’re intending for your contemporary floor lamp to be used for reading, for instance, its placement next to couch or lounge chair should allow for easy adjustments to the head, arm or body of the lamp for optimal reading conditions. Certain lamps, like a torchier floor lamp, for instance, can be used to illuminate a specific area of a room, so its placement will, by default, be limited to a specific area. But if your contemporary floor lamp is being used for a room’s overall illumination, consider the room’s furniture and other elements when placing the lamp where it will be at its most efficient—casting the broadest swathe of illumination onto the room, but also remaining in harmony with all other elements in its surroundings.

What else should I consider when buying contemporary floor lamps?

Mobility and flexibility is key with modern floor lamps: As mentioned before, contemporary floor lamps have the added benefit of being freestanding and easily movable, meaning that if you find them ill-suited to one space, they can perform their function elsewhere just as easily. With that in mind, think in terms of clean forms and elegant details, rather than trendy and room-specific. Classic proportions and enduring materials will ensure that your floor lamp can effortlessly blend into any room in the house even years after its arrival.

Don’t be afraid to go iconic with a modern floor lamp: classic floor lamps by iconic designers are always a good investment, if your budget allows it, and injects serious design cache into a room. In addition to being perfectly practical, buying a time-honored object is the bet way to ensure that your purchase will have lasting value.