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Modern Seating

Modern sofas, contemporary lounge chairs, and elegant dining chairs comprise our stylish collection of modern seating.

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Comfortable, visually appealing modern seating is the most essential element in a well-designed contemporary space. A classic modern sofa, roomy sectional, or a suite of smart dining chairs can set the tone for a room’s ambience, becoming the anchor for all other contemporary furniture and decorative elements.

Whether your preference is for a sleek contemporary couch, luxurious lounge chair, or even a pair of modern bar stools, selecting the right seating is fundamental to making your house or apartment a warm and engaging home—both for you and your guests.

Start with a modern sofa or modern sectional sofa.

Owing to their size—whether Mid-Century Modern classics or well constructed contemporary sectional sofas—sofas automatically become the focal point of a room. Because sofas are typically the primary and most expensive item in a room, choosing the right size, style, and construction bears thoughtful consideration. Deciding which kind of modern sofa design best suits your space depends on several factors, and drawing some parameters around your needs will help simplify the process.

Consider the pros and cons of a contemporary sofa vs sofa sectional

While the two fundamental differences between a standard modern sofa and sectional sofa— size and modularity—solve different seating problems, both styles lend themselves to either large or small spaces. Here’s where thinking carefully about which style offers optimal benefits for your room or space is essential.

Sofas, generally speaking, are more modestly sized than modular sectionals, and fit well into rooms which can accommodate a variety of complementary seating—like a collection of modern chairs or a pair of sizable lounge chairs, for instance. Conversely, a well-proportioned modern sofa may also be ideal for a room where space is limited, and the sofa becomes the undisputed star of the room.

In the same way, while sectional sofas are perfect for large rooms where plenty of seating is required, they can also be appropriate for smaller rooms where they can fulfill the room’s entire seating requirements in one fell swoop—rendering additional seating moot. Then, there’s the additional advantage of being able to tailor the modular features of a modern sectional sofa to a room’s size and shape.

Make modern chairs count.

The beauty of modern chairs is that they offer endless possibilities for both complementing and elevating a seating arrangement. A single statement modern chair can turn a room from ordinary to extraordinary, and with the wide range of options available—size, color, materials, price point—shopping for that singular chair can often be both fun and satisfying without breaking the bank. Whether your preference is for vintage finds, or cutting edge contemporary design, chairs offer myriad opportunities for infusing a room with personal expression.

Be inventive with modern dining chairs.

As with occasional chairs, finding a suite of beautifully designed dining chairs can be an immensely satisfying experience. Contemporary dining room decor is no longer contingent upon matching chairs to dining table, so focusing on modern dining chairs as a separate collection opens up your options considerably. The best dining chairs can easily double as seating even when outside a dining room context, so select chairs that are adaptable to any room, which meld into your overall design scheme seamlessly.

Take advantage of modern bar stool design.

Today's modern bar stools, with their taller, elegant profiles and air of casual sophistication, inject singular visual interest while providing practical seating to a kitchen or dining space, If your home lends itself to bar stool seating, you'll have a unique opportunity to consider proportion, materials, size and style as carefully as you would any other seating. Despite its singular function, a modern barstool is as much an element in the overall design scheme of a room as any other component.