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Modern Beds

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A comfortable, visually pleasing modern bed is the single most important element when considering modern bedroom designs—and, for that reason, demands careful thought. Our eclectic range of modern beds spans a range from pared down elegance to luxuriously detailed, but the optimal bed for you depends, of course, on the size of your modern bedroom, personal sleeping preferences, and overall bedroom design. Nevertheless, here are some important questions to ask yourself when shopping for beds.

What size modern bed is best for two people?

Size-wise, beds span the standard range, from Twin to King, but the size of bed that’s ideal for you is, of course, contingent upon personal preferences—the size of bed a person is accustomed to, the optimal amount of space required for a good night’s sleep, preconceived notions about size and comfort—as much as the size of bed your modern bedroom will accommodate. For some, a king size bed is a must because it signals luxury and sumptuousness, but for others, a King may be simply overkill, dominating a room in an undesirable way.

When shopping for modern beds, consider the sleeping habits and requirements of the person or persons using the bed before anything else. Other than the size of your modern bedroom, personal demands of a bed should inform your choice of bed size.

When do smaller modern beds make sense?

Unless space is not a factor at all, how much time you spend in your modern bedroom should always be a factor when shopping for beds. How dominant a role your bed plays in your bedroom depends on how your bedroom is otherwise used. Does it double as a home office or lounging area, for instance? If so, while your bed will remain central to the room, it will need to accommodate items other than traditional bedroom furniture, and a Queen or even Full bed, instead of King may be perfectly suitable.

Can a modern bed still be a statement piece?

Absolutely. Elaborately carved or oversized four-poster beds are not the only ways to make a bedroom statement. As with all modern furniture, simple designs are often attention getting because they rely more on shape and materials than bells and whistles, and an elegantly shaped modern bed with simple headboard and beautiful detailing can make as much of an impression as a showier design.

Modern beds don’t look as comfortable as traditional beds. True?

When it comes to modern bedrooms, comfort isn’t always about the obvious. High, overstuffed beds may appear to be the ideal for a luxurious night’s sleep, but if you’ve ever slept in one, you’ll know that good design is all in the subtle details. Well-designed modern beds constructed with superior materials and paired with a high quality mattress can’t be beaten for both good looks and good sleep.