Modern Disc Pendant Lights

Top 16 Modern Pendant Lights

Scene-stealers, whether hung individually or in clusters, modern pendant lights make dazzling design statements. Our favorite pendants comprise the ornamental and the minimal, the industrial and the cutting edge—each a lights-out example of modern pendant lighting at its best.

Top 20 Dining Room Pendant Lights

No modern dining space is complete without a delicious pendant light. Our favorite dining room pendant lights are a delectable lot, especially striking when suspended above a table or counter top.

Disc pendant lights are a chic, modern choice for the upscale home

With their simple but stunning round design and unbeatable functionality, disc-shaped pendant lights are a brilliant way to brighten your contemporary home. Pendant lighting is a beloved choice because it works in any room, it can function as task or ambient lighting, and it makes a layered, interesting addition to your home. At 2Modern, you’ll find a gorgeous selection of disc pendants to make your interior design dreams come true.

How do I choose the best disc pendant lighting for my home?

Considering a few key features can be an incredibly helpful way to decide on the best lighting for your space, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences.

One factor to consider is the color of your modern disc pendant lights. Gold and silver are equal parts classic and contemporary. Black is a rich and sophisticated choice. White makes a clean, crisp addition to your space. A bold pop of red, blue, or green adds excitement and drama. Use your disc pendants to complement and complete your existing design scheme, or draw inspiration from your lighting and begin an entirely new color scheme that centers around your disc pendant lighting.

Think about the material that brings the most aesthetic appeal and coordinates with your décor, furniture, and other fixtures. Metal can take on a variety of shapes and styles. From aluminum to steel to brass, metal is a versatile and durable material for indoor and outdoor pendant lights. Glass adds visual texture and interest, while acrylic delivers an interesting, layered look. Fabric is a surprising way to incorporate texture. Whether you prefer cotton or felt, textiles bring an unexpected design element to your space - just don’t use fabric fixtures in your kitchen or dining room! The material of your pendants can change the entire look and feel of your room.

Finally, decide on the number of pendants your space needs. If you’re using modern disc pendant lights as decorative or task lighting, 1 pendant might be sufficient. If your space is poorly lit and requires ambient lighting, 2, 3, or even 4 pendants might be needed. Cluster 3 pendants together at varying heights to create an artistic, sculptural, suspended display, or install 4 pendants in a row over your kitchen island or dining table to make mealtime more enjoyable. Be sure to take a look at our 4-step how-to guide if you’re planning to use disc pendants in your dining room or kitchen.

Incorporate disc pendant lights into your modern interior design

Whether you need illumination in your bedroom, living room, entryway, bathroom, or even on your porch, disc-shaped pendants are a unique and exquisite addition to your contemporary home. Maybe you tend to gravitate toward mid-century modern designs, favoriting retro designs like a bola disc pendant light. Flat disc pendant lighting is a sleek, chic, straightforward choice, making it the perfect complement to Scandinavian, modern, or minimalist design schemes. Layered, multi-disc designs add visual interest to your space, while vertical discs make a dimensional statement.

At 2Modern, you’ll find disc pendant lighting from top brands like Marset, Sonneman, Pablo, Vibia, Blackjack Lighting, Matter-Made, Hubbardton Forge, and so many others. Whatever your interior design preferences, disc pendants are sure to add texture and beauty to your well-appointed home.