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&'Costa is an Italian modern lighting brand that specializes in refined lighting solutions for both residential and contract applications. Featuring a range of exceedingly beautiful pendant lights, modern sconces, and table and floor lamps, the &'Costa range of contemporary lighting fixtures is characterized by expert craftsmanship and minimal profiles, each fashioned by a multi-disciplinary creative team. Comprised of contemporary materials—including spun aluminum, glass, and fabric—&'Costa lighting designs are sophisticated in form and versatile in application, but remain supremely functional.
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Circus Linear Pendant by &'Costa
&'Costa Circus Linear Pendant $1,165.00
Circus Multi Light Round Pendant by &'Costa
&'Costa Circus Multi Light Round Pendant $5,980.00
Circus Rectangular Pendant by &'Costa
&'Costa Circus Rectangular Pendant $2,670.00

Circus Round Pendant by &'Costa
&'Costa Circus Round Pendant from $1,498.00
Circus Round Pendant with Acoustic Panel by &'Costa
&'Costa Circus Round Pendant with Acoustic Panel from $3,870.00
Circus Square Pendant by &'Costa
&'Costa Circus Square Pendant from $2,370.00

Cone Multi Light Pendant by &'Costa
&'Costa Cone Multi Light Pendant from $1,980.00
Cone Pendant by &'Costa
&'Costa Cone Pendant from $675.00
Cone Pendant with Uplight by &'Costa
&'Costa Cone Pendant with Uplight $1,995.00

Cristal Pendant by &'Costa
&'Costa Cristal Pendant from $795.00
Grue Floor Lamp by &'Costa
&'Costa Grue Floor Lamp $2,640.00
Lotus Pendant by &'Costa
&'Costa Lotus Pendant from $745.00

Mecano Floor Lamp by &'Costa
&'Costa Mecano Floor Lamp $2,780.00
Mecano Table Lamp by &'Costa
&'Costa Mecano Table Lamp $998.00
Nova Ceiling Light by &'Costa
&'Costa Nova Ceiling Light from $875.00

Nova Pendant with Uplight by &'Costa
&'Costa Nova Pendant with Uplight from $1,495.00
Nova Small Pendant by &'Costa
&'Costa Nova Small Pendant $995.00
Pin F670 Floor Lamp by &'Costa
&'Costa Pin F670 Floor Lamp $1,190.00

Pin Floor Lamp by &'Costa
&'Costa Pin Floor Lamp $1,260.00
Pin Multi Light Pendant by &'Costa
&'Costa Pin Multi Light Pendant from $2,190.00
Pin Pendant by &'Costa
&'Costa Pin Pendant from $784.00

Pin Wall Light by &'Costa
&'Costa Pin Wall Light $785.00
Riga Floor Lamp by &'Costa
&'Costa Riga Floor Lamp from $980.00
Riga Linear Pendant by &'Costa
&'Costa Riga Linear Pendant $1,390.00

Riga Table Lamp by &'Costa
&'Costa Riga Table Lamp $748.00
Riga Wall Light by &'Costa
&'Costa Riga Wall Light $655.00
Tre Floor Lamp by &'Costa
&'Costa Tre Floor Lamp from $2,365.00

Tre Table Lamp by &'Costa
&'Costa Tre Table Lamp from $1,235.00
Turn Floor Lamp by &'Costa
&'Costa Turn Floor Lamp from $1,070.00
Turn Linear Wall Light by &'Costa
&'Costa Turn Linear Wall Light $660.00

Turn Square Wall Light by &'Costa
&'Costa Turn Square Wall Light $748.00
You Wall Light by &'Costa
&'Costa You Wall Light from $715.00