Artemide NEW! Ameluna Pendant


Artemide is a worldwide leader in lighting design with an unparalleled commitment to technological innovation and research. Founded in 1959 by Ernesto Gismondi, the company specializes in the manufacture of lighting designed by architects.

Based in Milan, Artemide collaborates with the world’s most talented designers. Artemide has collections for Design, Outdoor, and Architectural lighting. Their extensive product line includes icons of modern design included in the permanent collections of museums around the world.


Since 2010, in addition to classic automobile design, Mercedes-Benz designers have also created other products in cooperation with selected partners under the label Mercedes-Benz Style. The aim is to transfer Mercedes-Benz’s unmistakable, progressive design idiom and high standards of luxury and aesthetic appeal to other spheres of life.

All of the products designed by Mercedes-Benz Style boast a dynamic and avant-garde design that is the hallmark of the brand, as well as uncompromising quality and a choice of fine materials finished to perfection. The portfolio of Mercedes-Benz Style includes products from the areas of mobility, lifestyle, sport and interior design.


Ameluna is the result of a collaboration between Artemide and Mercedes-Benz Style, an exciting new partnership between two international leaders in their respective fields, combining the lighting competence of Artemide with the distinctive style of Mercedes-Benz.

The name, Ameluna, is a combination of Artemide (A), Mercedes-Benz (Me), and Luna, the Italian word for moon. Like the moon is lit by the sun, an extra spotlight situated above the lamp is the source of its wide range of color effects.


Ameluna combines beauty with intelligence. The lamp embodies Mercedes-Benz’s design philosophy of sensual purity, characterized by the aesthetically complex interplay between pure forms, sensual surfaces, and high-tech intelligence.

Artemide and Mercedes-Benz are known for their high demand for design and the creation of iconic products. The two brands are united by the same values: design, innovation and quality.


Ameluna represents an innovative vision of design where light is able to generate emotion and interaction. The designs of Artemide and Mercedes-Benz have been traditionally human centered, focused on human beings, their experience and interaction. Through high manufacturing quality and an innovative vision, design is capable of shaping beautiful and enduring products.

“The purpose of our cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Style is to unite the two companies’ innovative expertise in the areas of design and technology. Our goal is to develop lighting systems that improve the quality of human life – with a maximum of economy and efficiency.”
– Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Vice President Artemide


Ameluna produces a seemingly mystical light, similar to that of bioluminescent creatures. The bottom edge of the lamp contains an extremely flexible printed circuit board injected with 288 LEDs to provide optimum illumination. The light radiates downward and is dispersed throughout the transparent body, causing the entire lamp to glow and provide optimum illumination of the space.

The light radiates downward like a ring, causing the entire lamp to glow. Suspended only by three ultra thin wires, the lamp appears to float in space.


Ameluna features cutting-edge technology through optoelectric innovation and the ability to interact with the surrounding environment in a digital dialogue. It can be controlled from an app that can memorize the lighting experience, like in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. With the app, you can always be connected to Ameluna through your mobile device, creating and changing your own lighting scenarios by choosing the intensity of white light or color. Ameluna reflects your personal experience with light. The app can manage a single lamp or network of Ameluna fixtures.

Ameluna Pendant by Artemide
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