AMEICO, founded in 1995, is a Connecticut-based distributor of modernist and contemporary design—including a range of elegant and innovative modern lighting fixtures. Champions of modern design that reflects originality, superior craftsmanship and lasting value, the AMEICO name is noted for its association with celebrated contemporary designers and a roster of respected international design brands that embody the AMEICO esthetic.

Nyta Tilt Pendant Light
AMEICO Nyta Tilt Pendant Light from $475.00
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Objekto Table Lamp
AMEICO Objekto Table Lamp $140.00
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Foldability Maya Pendant Light
AMEICO Foldability Maya Pendant Light $290.00
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Light and Contrast Trapeze LED Floor Lamp
AMEICO Light and Contrast Trapeze LED Floor Lamp $540.00
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Nyta Tilt Globe Pendant Light
Ameico Nyta Tilt Globe Pendant Light $500.00
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Foldability Petra Pendant Light
AMEICO Foldability Petra Pendant Light $590.00
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Structures S7 Lamp
AMEICO Structures S7 Lamp $695.00
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