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Yarn Pillow by Jiti
Jiti Yarn Pillow from $65.20
Wholes Pillow Blue by Jiti
Jiti Wholes Pillow Blue from $65.20
Trevol Pillow Orange by Jiti
Jiti Trevol Pillow Orange $65.20

Tiki Pillow Lime by Jiti
Jiti Tiki Pillow Lime from $65.20
Tiki Pillow Coral by Jiti
Jiti Tiki Pillow Coral $75.40
Square Pillow Green by Jiti
Jiti Square Pillow Green from $65.20

Square Pillow Blue by Jiti
Jiti Square Pillow Blue from $65.20
Siggy Stripe Pillow by Jiti
Jiti Siggy Stripe Pillow $75.40

Ripple Pillow by Jiti
Jiti Ripple Pillow from $65.20
Reef Pillow Teal by Jiti
Jiti Reef Pillow Teal from $65.20

Reef Pillow Taupe by Jiti
Jiti Reef Pillow Taupe from $65.20
Reef Pillow Navy by Jiti
Jiti Reef Pillow Navy from $65.20
Reef Pillow Lime by Jiti
Jiti Reef Pillow Lime from $65.20

Peacock Pillow Cream by Jiti
Jiti Peacock Pillow Cream from $65.20
Mud Pillow Fuchsia by Jiti
Jiti Mud Pillow Fuchsia $75.40

Mud Pillow Esmeralda by Jiti
Jiti Mud Pillow Esmeralda from $65.20
Mountain Pillow Pink by Jiti
Jiti Mountain Pillow Pink from $65.20

Moderna Pillow Red by Jiti
Jiti Moderna Pillow Red from $65.20
Moderna Pillow Gold by Jiti
Jiti Moderna Pillow Gold from $65.20
Mineral Pillow Taupe by Jiti
Jiti Mineral Pillow Taupe from $65.20

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Accent pillows are amongst the design details that give a beautifully designed room nuance and personality. Small in scale, and relatively inexpensive, modern throw pillows nevertheless have the power to create impact through shape, color, texture, and pattern. Buying designer pillows is also great fun, so it’s easy to buy impulsively. But there’s every reason to buy designer throw pillows thoughtfully and smartly. Consider the following questions when shopping for modern throw pillows.

How many modern pillows do I need?

The beauty of designer pillows is that you don’t have to go overboard with them. A couch with 2 modern decorative throw pillows will look beautifully dressed, providing the pillows are carefully chosen to complement and contrast the other elements in the room. So, there’s no reason to go crazy with the number of modern throw pillows you buy; rather, focus on the quality and visual impact of 2-3 imaginatively designed, thoughtfully made pillows that inject a room with singular character.

What’s the best shape for designer throw pillows?

Square and oblong pillows are the most common, but there’s a whole range of pillow shapes from which to choose, with no particular shape being better than another. The key is to focus on variety, both in terms of pattern and materials, but also in terms of shape and size. If you’re creating a statement with two or more designer pillows, mix the shapes up to create interesting overlapping arrangements. Variation in the size of modern throw pillows creates visual interest and richness in the same way that any decorative objects or furniture are made more interesting by a combination of sizes and shapes.

Does size matter with modern throw pillows?

Yes, size and scale matters with pillows in the same way that it does with most other design elements in a room or space. The size of decorative pillows should be informed by the size of the couch, bed or chair against which your decorative throw pillows are arranged. Pillows that are too big or too small, no matter how beautiful, will lose some of their visual power when scale and context is not taken into consideration. When it comes to decorative throw pillows, size is relative.

Why are designer throw pillows a good investment?

Pillows are, in many ways, timeless. Unlike major purchases, like furniture or rugs, modern pillows tend to transcend trends and fashions with their staying power. Rare is the pillow that looks outdated or inappropriate, so there’s little danger in regretting buying designer pillows. Even if you tire of a particular pillow, moving it to another room or putting it away for a while, and then reintroducing it back into your interior design scheme at a later date, is a perfectly plausible scenario. And because designer throw pillows are not usually specific to a room’s function—they’re equally at home in a living room as they are in a bedroom or home office—a pillow that looks less perfect in one room may be just perfect for another. So, when it comes to modern décor, modern throw pillows are a worthy investment.