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Inspired New Wallpaper Arrivals from NLXL

What's New

Just in at 2Modern are new wallpaper designs by NLXL, the Netherlands-based design studio which has made hyper-realistic, fool-the-eye modern wall coverings its signature style. Most notable are two new collaborations: with Dutch designers Studio Boot, and Spanish designer, Nacho Carbonell. 

Carbonell's Crack Wallpaper extends NLXL's existing range of contemporary wallpaper designs that artfully estheticize imperfection. Much like the Brooklyn Tins series, which replicates worn, vintage tin tiles, and Piet Hein Eek's Scrapwood series, which presented tapestries of distressed, discarded wood, Crack leverages the visual appeal of a weathered wall, time-worn with cracked paint. Conversely, Studio Boot's Paper Flowers motif is a monochromatic symphony of fresh, crisply cut paper flowers, meticulously hand applied and arranged into a richly layered, uncannily 3-dimensional composition of petals and leaves.

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