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New! Marset Djembe & Jaima Modern Lighting Collections

What's New

A pair of exciting new modern lighting collections has just arrived from Marset, both designed by the Barcelona-based industrial designer, Joan Gaspar. Though strikingly different in looks, the Djembe and Jaima lighting collections both reflect Gaspar's penchant for material experimentation and technical innovation.

Djembe is a suite of indoor ceiling mounted lights that feature wide shades fashioned from rotary moulded polyethylene. The shade's exterior has been given a textured matte finish resembling stone, while the interior has a smooth white satin finish, which produces nuanced, downward illumination. Available in a choice of several nuanced colors, the Djembe collection includes flush mount fixtures, which hug the ceiling, and pendant lights that hang suspended over a surface.

The Marset Jaima collection is a series of modern outdoor pendant lamps and floor lamps informed by the Bedouin tents of North Africa. Unlike the clean, rigid forms of the Djembe collection, Jaima lamps are notable for their flexible Textaline fabric shades, which yield attractive diffused lighting, ideal for outdoor settings. Designed to move with the wind, these lantern-like modern lamps produce soft downward light that shifts with the pliable shade's subtle movements.

View Marset Djembe and Jaima lighting designs, on sale through September 30th,  here >