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Innermost Doric Collection: Modern Pendant Lights Inspired by Greek Architecture

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British lighting brand Innermost has released a suite of modern pendant lights that were inspired by Greek architecture—specifically, the Doric architectural order invented by the Greeks, in which the most identifiable feature is the fluted Doric marble column.

The Innermost Doric Collection consists of modern pendant lights that feature graceful dome-like shades fashioned from what appears to be marble, but is, in fact, resin. While the exterior of the lamp shades are given a smooth marbleized texture, the dome interiors feature the distinctive vertical fluting characteristic of Doric columns. The fluting, and its resulting scalloped edging, remain visible only at certain angles, and are particularly beautiful when viewed from below, when the lamp shade emits a seashell-like translucence. 

The Innermost Innermost Doric Marble Pendant is available in two dome diameters, one wide and closer to a half-moon shape, and the other featuring a taller, deeper dome. Four colorways—pure matte white, and a choice of marbleized finishes in black, white, and a lovely rose hue—make these inspired modern pendant lights suitable to a range of interior schemes. The Innermost Doric Mini Marble Pendant, a smaller, version of the classic Doric, carries the same range of colorways, its compact size better suited to installations of multiple pendants—like a series of three or more, suspended over kitchen island or bar.

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