Verner Panton Lamps by &Tradition

New additions to the 2Modern lighting range include two famous designs by Danish design great, Verner Panton: the Flower Pot VP4 Table Lamp and the Topan VP6 Pendant Light. Founded in 2010, the Danish modern furniture and lighting brand, &Tradition, which oversees a catalogue of contemporary and vintage designs, has reintroduced Verner Panton to a whole new generation of design enthusiasts by reprising a range of characteristically charming Panton designs—turning the Flowerpot VP4 Table Lamp, in particular, into a highly desirable best-selling modern lamp.

Designed at the height of the 60's Flower Power movement and the U.S-Soviet race to the moon, the Verner Panton Flowerpot series comprises lamps defined by dome-like adjustable shades made of lacquered steel. The Flowerpot VP4 is distinct for its large rounded shade, a half-sphere which, when directed downward, resembles the tilted head of a flower.

The Topan VP6 Pendant predates the Flowerpot series by several years, and remains Panton's first mass-produced lighting design. Created in 1960, the simple, round pendant, originally designed for a hotel and restaurant in Norway, consists of a single hanging sphere which casts focused light to the surface below. Much like Panton's geometric interior schemes, the Topan VP6's almost-perfect circular form carries the striking graphic panache emblematic of the designer's most famous work.

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