Knoll Reprises Bertoia Molded Shell Collection


Knoll reprised several archival designs in 2017, the most notable amongst them being new versions of the iconic and best-selling Bertoia seating range. Mid Century furniture classics, Harry Bertoia's wire-form furniture collection, introduced in 1952, remains an inspired melding of sculpture and design, and a best-selling modern furniture collection that's been in continuous production for more than half a century. 

Bertoia created several iterations of his famous chairs, however, including a version in which the allover steel latticework of the original design was replaced by a molded fiberglass seat and back, allowing for the injection of solid color into the airy classic. On the market through the early 1970s, the Bertoia fiberglass line eventually receded from the design landscape— only to be reintroduced into the Knoll catalogue in 2017.

The Bertoia Molded Shell range—Side Chair, Bar Stool and Counter Stool—now benefits from 21st Century technology, fiberglass having been traded in for a softer and more flexible glass reinforced nylon. "Merging the sublime grace of his wire-form Side Chair with a touch of color and natural flex, the Bertoia Molded Shell Side Chair is a reinvigorated classic, ready to add colorful accents to any room," announced Knoll. Available in vibrant mix-and-match colorways, the Bertoia Molded Shell collection also offers a more accessible price point to Mid Century Modern design lovers.

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