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Floating Lightbulbs by FLYTE Leverage Magnetic Levitation

What's New

New to 2Modern is the whimsical modern design products of FLYTE, a Swedish creative brand founded by a team of designers and engineers. FLYTE's interest in leveraging technology to create unusual and inspiring products is illustrated by the company's FLYTE Floating Lightbulb range, a modern lighting collection defined by an oversized lightbulb that floats in the air over a simple base. Requiring no batteries, the FLYTE Lightbulb collection is powered through the air via induction. Energy efficient LEDs make these modern table lamps both visually magical and supremely eco-friendly.

Another example of FLYTE's interest in zero gravity technology is LYFE, a modern planter that cultivates plants in mid-air. Once again, magnetic levitation is leveraged as LYFE—in the form of a white geometric silicone container, fitted with an inner drainage reservoir—hovers in the air over an oak base, while gently rotating and allowing nutrients to be absorbed by a plant's leaves through the air, rather than via the conventional root system. 2Modern is pleased to welcome the enchanting FLYTE range of contemporary products to our modern decor offerings. See FLYTE designs, here >