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Castor Exclusive Sale: Save 15% on Innovative Lighting & Furniture

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For a limited time, we're having an exclusive sale on modern lighting and furniture by Castor, the award-winning Canadian design studio known for a collection of lamps and furniture in which re-purposed materials play a central role. Now, through September 18th, save 15% on Castor designs, including the dramatic Recycled Tube Light, featured above, a linear pendant light comprised of burnt out florescent tubes, illuminated from within by LED light bulbs. This highly original industrial lamp is available in 3 lengths: 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft, and in keeping with the Castor philosophy, straddles the line between art and design. 

The Castor Conic Section Lamp, below, presents a more traditional pendant light profile in which two conical forms—metal cage and aluminum shade—converge to form an elegant contemporary lamp with downward directional lighting. The shade, cut to produce four different mathematical shapes—hyperbola, ellipse, parabola, and circle—may be rotated to change the direction of the light and modulate its intensity. 

Our EXCLUSIVE 15% off sale on Castor lighting and furniture can be viewed here >