Brand New: Terzani Italian Lighting

2Modern has added a new brand to its lighting offerings with Terzani, a Florence-based modern lighting company that extends the great tradition of Italian industrial design. Terzani oversees a range of exceedingly artful contemporary lamps that leverage the latest in technological advancements to arrive at modern chandeliers, pendant lights, and floor lamps that infuse a room or space with dazzling visual appeal.  

Terzani's experiments with innovative materials and techniques, and its collaboration with a roster of talented Italian designers and artists, has resulted in modern lighting designs of striking originality that straddle the line between functional object and art piece. Metal and lead crystal are central materials in Terzani lamps, illustrated ravishingly by the Core LED Dome Pendant (above), in which faceted crystal spheres sparkle through a dome of metal latticework. The Terzani Calle Pendant showcases a fully transparent pendant light, its lead crystal form elegantly suspended like an inverted calla lily, dazzlingly illuminated by its LED light source. 

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