Brand New: Moooi Meshmatics Chandelier

Just in at 2Modern is a particularly beautiful new modern chandelier design by Moooi. The Moooi Meshmatics Chandelier, a wow during New York Design week this past spring, is both technically innovative and visually ravishing, a combination made possible by the use of a single material: wire netting. Designed by Rick Tegelaar, the Dutch designer responsible for Moooi's Filigree Floor Lamp, the Meshmatics Chandelier features the 'controlled stretching' of steel wire netting, which forms a series of volumes that fit inside each other, creating a layered modern lighting composition of transparency and radiance.

The Meshmatics Chandelier's light source is hidden inside a brass dome at the base of the lamp. The light, dispersed upwards into the chandelier's form, reflects off the delicate latticework of the wire mesh structure, producing soft gradients of illumination over the lamp's surface area. Both reflecting and diffusing light, the Meshmatics Chandelier achieves a transcendent quality of light, what Moooi describes as "a soft glow akin to strands of silk catching the flicker of a flame." 

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