Seletti & Studio Job Collaborate on BLOW Modern Furniture & Decor Collection

Just in at 2Modern is the BLOW collection of objects by Italian design brand Seletti and the Dutch designers behind Studio Job. The BLOW collaboration, which was launched in Milan earlier this year, presents a range of bold and colorful Pop Art-informed household objects, including modern furniture and decorative items, which bear the signature wit and provocativeness for which both brands are notorious.  

Food and pop cultural symbols are the featured motifs in BLOW—a sofa shaped like a hot dog, a lounge chair shaped like a hamburger, a rug that channels a fried egg, and cushion shaped like a slice of tomato—signaling a collection of objects meant to be playful, cheeky, and attention-getting. Accessibly priced plates and mirrors, imbued with vivid graphics—a peace symbol, a lighting bolt, marijuana leaves—and the eyebrow-raising Mouth Neon Lamp round this Seletti-Studio Job partnership. 

View the entire Seletti-Studio Job BLOW collection here >