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Design Focus: Ron Rezek, Modern Fan Inventor

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Contemporary design enthusiasts on the hunt for sleek and sophisticated modern ceiling fans have Ron Rezek to thank. The California-born industrial designer single-handedly revolutionized the ceiling fan industry in the 1980's by bringing the old-fashioned ceiling fan, virtually unchanged since the Victorian era, into the modern age—and it's safe to say that ceiling fans have never been quite the same since. 

Rezek studied under Henry Dreyfuss and Charles Eames, amongst other iconoclastic designers, absorbing their dual penchants for both refined forms and technological innovation. His patented invention of rotor slots into which fan blades could be seamlessly fitted—a counterpoint to the more complicated and mechanically unstable blade iron configurations of standard fans—was crucial to the arrival of contemporary ceiling fans that were both visually balanced and easy to assemble.

Ron Rezek founded The Modern Fan Company to introduce and promote elegant ceiling fans distinct for their visual sophistication and mechanical simplification—the very elements he used to propel the evolution of the ceiling fan from functional device to modern design object.