Go Wild With These 15 Animal Wallpaper Motifs

Animal Jungle Scenes

Cheetahs, monkeys, horses and chickens. Contemporary wallpaper has gone wild with animal motifs, showcasing some of the most engaging and original wallpaper designs on the scene. Jungle settings, in which a melange of flora and fauna form enchanting visual narratives, are amongst exciting new wallpaper trends. Cases in point: Mind the Gap's intricately illustrated Parrots of Brasil, where lush flora and brilliantly colored fauna help form a tapestry of wildlife patterns; and Graham and Brown's richly layered Ubud wallpaper, where a dense tropical forest becomes the playground for swinging Macaque monkeys.


Animal Repeat Motifs

Whether symmetrically arranged or richly layered, stylized or accurately rendered, there's no such thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to an animal repeat pattern. Ferm Living's new Horse wallpaper motif, above, presents a stark portrait of a horse in motion, while Merenda Wallpaper pays tribute to the humble hen with a whimsical design that adds a touch of homespun humor to the modern kitchen. The Graham & Brown Crane wallpaper pattern is a painterly mural of majestic birds and subtle colorways, while their Bugs wallpaper motif is a graphically elegant ode to entomology.