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Supreme Releases Artek Furniture Edition

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Skateboard company Supreme has released its own version of the legendary Artek Stool 60

Supreme, the New York City-based skateboard brand, has released an edition of Artek furniture, featuring the Finnish brand's iconic Stool 60 and the lesser known Bench 153A, both designed by Alvar Aalto. Supreme's collaborations with other brands, both famous—Nike, North Face, Levi's—and obscure, have helped foster the company's identity as both mainstream and edgy. But Supreme's partnership with Artek is its first involving a storied modern design brand. Released just this month, as part of its 2017 spring/summer collection, the Supreme/Artek edition is a two-piece suite featuring a graphic black-and-white checkerboard pattern printed onto the distinctive blonde birch wood seats of Artek Stool 60 and Bench 153A—along with an overlay of Supreme's distinctive red typographic logo.

"...Supreme's partnership with Artek is its first involving a storied modern design brand."

Supreme's version of Artek's Bench 153A features the same checkerboard tabletop featured on Stool 60

Artek Stool 60, an icon of modernism, was designed as far back as 1933, but remains an emblem of the Scandinavian modern design movement. Illustrating the Nordic penchant for mindful innovation, visual clarity, and material honesty. The stool's three gently curved legs also bear evidence of Alvar Aalto's revolutionary experiments with bent plywood, conducted in tandem with those of Charles & Ray Eames across the Atlantic. Accessibly priced, versatile, and stackable, Stool 60's durability and pared down elegance has lent itself to an array of interpretations by contemporary designers, including Hella Jongerius and Nao Tamura, and brand collaborations with Monocle Magazine, fashion label Comme de Garcon, and others. Supreme joins the long list.

Artek's 2015 collaboration with Hella Jongerius featured new colorways and finishes for the iconic Stool 60

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