Propeller Shelves By Piet Houtenbos

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      Handcrafted by Piet Houtenbos in Brooklyn, NY.

      The Propeller Shelves are a marriage of gently shaped mahogany and precision steel, creating an honest and alluring blend of form and function.

      A flat steel plate is fastened from the back leaving the top and bottom surface unobscured. The system creates subtle reveals and gently floats the shelf off your wall. The plate can be flipped so that it protrudes from the top if you plan to hang the shelf above eye level. You will quite literally see nothing but wood.

      When designing modern rectilinear furniture the experience of woodgrain can get lost. When you begin to shape a piece of wood with a gentle curve along its length or a soft radius on a corner you can pull out it's inherent beauty and begin to subtly compliment the meandering nature of woodgrain." - Piet Houtenbos

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    • This product is made to order and ships in 1-3 weeks.

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