Bola Garden Globe By Blomus

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      This perfect geometric shape evokes a secret fascination. It symbolizes the sense of being closed to the highest degree, the endless cycle of life and much more. The round shape flatters the eye and entices the beholder again and again to touch it. Particularly when the surface is as perfect as it is on the BOLA decorative globes in pure stainless steel. Like shimmering stars the metallic globes make a graceful contrast with the opulent greenery and the sea of blooms in the garden. The globes of different sizes can be arranged in the garden backdrop singly or in groups. The reflections of their surroundings and the light in the highly polished surfaces are particularly effective. Being a weatherproof object, BOLA has a fascination not only outside but also as a beautiful decorative shape for interiors. blomus has an optional ring-shaped stand especially for smooth, flat surfaces and floors, which safely prevents the globes from rolling off.

      Note, this item is pictured with several globes simply to show size differences. This product is for just 1 globe. Please specify size and quantity above.
    • Blomus,Outdoor Accessories
      Materials: Stainless steel.
      Specifications: (inches)
      5.9": 5.91l x 5.91w x 5.91h
      7.8": 7.88l x 7.88w x 7.88h
      9.8": 9.85l x 9.85w x 9.85h
      11.8": 11.85l x 11.85w x 11.85h
      15": 15.01l x 15.01w x 15.01h
      19.7": 19.75l x 19.75w x 19.75h
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      Catalog ID: 27941
    • Ships in 2-3 business days. Please note: This product is currently backordered.

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