Modern Walls

Essential to the ambience of a beautifully furnished modern room, interior walls are blank canvases that come to life vividly with our eclectic range of modern wallpaper, 3D wall applications, decals, and original contemporary art. 2Modern’s wallpaper range—which spans geometric patterns, Pop Art motifs—like the Andy Warhol x Flavor Paper Collection—and modern floral designs from Graham & Brown—can instantly transform an ordinary room into a dazzling and harmonious esthetic statement. For an accent wall, modern 3D wall applications from Inhabit and Mio fulfill the bill beautifully, with eco-friendly elements that add dimension and architectural interest to any flat, nondescript wall. 2Modern’s collection of contemporary art prints, which include designs on fabric, canvas, and metal, as well as limited edition contemporary art compositions from California artist Parvez Taj, may be just the focal point and finishing touch needed to elevate a modern room from ordinary to extraordinary.