Kids Beds

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Sparrow Twin Bed Trundle Mattress
Oeuf Sparrow Twin Bed Trundle Mattress $215.00
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Perch Bunk Bed Shelf
Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed Shelf $250.00
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Perch Toddler Bed
Oeuf Perch Toddler Bed $440.00
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Perch Loft Bed Console
Oeuf Perch Loft Bed Console $350.00
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Perch Loft Bed Shelf
Oeuf Perch Loft Bed Shelf $296.00
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Dorma Full Bed with Piping
Monte Dorma Full Bed with Piping from $1,195.00
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Hush Bed
Blu Dot Hush Bed from $1,299.00
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Dorma Twin Bed With Piping
Monte Dorma Twin Bed With Piping $995.00
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Modulicious Bed
Blu Dot Modulicious Bed from $1,499.00
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Eicho Twin Bed
Spot On Square Eicho Twin Bed $875.00
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Universal Security Rail
Oeuf Universal Security Rail $98.00
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Classically Cool Toddler Bed
P'kolino Classically Cool Toddler Bed $143.99
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Perch Loft Bed
Oeuf Perch Loft Bed $1,650.00
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Of all the items necessary for a practical and engaging child’s room, none will require as much thought as a well designed kid’s bed. When selecting children’s beds, whether modern bunk beds or twin beds, your primary goal will obviously be ensuring that your child’s bed is safe and comfortable. Other features, though—like flexibility, adaptability, and longevity—should also help drive your decision when shopping for a modern kids bed.

What’s the advantage of a modern bunk bed?

A bunk bed is always a popular choice for a modern kids bedroom, and with good reason. The main advantages of modern bunk beds are, by no means incidental ones: they’re space-savers, convenient, and lots of fun for kids. Taking up exactly the same footprint of a modern twin bed, a modern bunk bed is an obvious choice when space is at a premium, and a room has to be shared by siblings. But even for a room occupied by only one child, modern bunk beds can be smart choices, offering a fun sleeping experience for your child while making sleepovers inviting for your kids’ friends—and very convenient for you.

When does a modern twin bed make more sense?

There are plenty of good reasons to opt for a twin bed over modern bunk beds, the primary one being that for children of a certain age—those too small to reach or navigate a top bunk safely, or kids who feel grownup enough to graduate from a bunk bed—a modern twin bed is more desirable. Esthetically, while bunk beds maximize literal space, a twin bed takes up less visual space, allowing an open, spacious context for creating a smart and inspiring kids room design statement. Today’s choices in twin beds are vast and varied, and offer many adjustable features that grow along with your child’s size and needs, so when choosing a modern twin bed, be sure to consider these details.

How important is a bed when deciding how to decorate a kid’s room?

Beds are both décor and necessities, so treat them as such. Get the most out of a modern bunk beds and twin beds by investing in smart designs that also have excellent long-term potential. While there’s no shortage of beautiful modern beds, be they twin beds or bunk beds, be wise about balancing good looks with intelligently designed models. Beds with flexible features—railings that may be adjusted or removed, bed height that can be adjusted as your child grows, colors and finishes that age appropriately as your child does—are long term investments that make sense both financially and practically. A modern kids bed that has flexibility and adaptability, along with extras, like convenient under-bed storage drawers or trundle features that make sleepovers an adventure—will go a long way towards saving you both money and time, while providing your child with the kind of gently evolving environment, rather than a disruptive one.