Flavor Paper

Flavor Paper oversees a collection of visually striking wall coverings that reflect a variety of influences, including Mid Century geometric patterns, '60s Pop Art, and the urban landscape of New York City. Always exuberant and sometimes irreverent, Flavor Paper's hand-screened and digitally produced designs are unfailingly memorable.

Just in | New Andy Warhol x Flavor Paper Collection
Flowers Wallpaper
Flavor Paper Flowers Wallpaper from $265.00
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Rorschach Wallpaper
Flavor Paper Rorschach Wallpaper from $200.00
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Shoes Wallpaper
Flavor Paper Shoes Wallpaper from $275.00
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The Last Supper Wallpaper
Flavor Paper The Last Supper Wallpaper from $200.00
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Small Flowers Wallpaper
Flavor Paper Small Flowers Wallpaper $300.00
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